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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Matters of Pete

Remember all the problems I had getting Pete neutered? the link to the blogs. Well here it is over a year later since it all began, and I haven't seen a dime from the money I spent to patch up my dog. The State saw fit to fine him(the vet who botched the job) $500.00 for technical stuff that went into their pocketbook. I went to small claims court and the judge did not find in my favor.

Kevins mom came over today and told me the news. Low and behold they finally revoked his license June 6th 2007. Here’s the link to the news paper story and TV commentary.
Good I say. get the creep away from our pets. I think though, I'm going to call the reporter and also channel 3 news that did the report. I don't know if anyone wants to take on the State agency or not. Good they can get money out of this guy but what about the people who had to spend money to fix their pets? They get nothing.

Oh by the way, I already took this to small claims court and because the State Board of Vetrenary Medicine only fined him for minor infractions, the Judge found that Scott Brucchieri didn't do anything wrong. HMMMM. Wonder whos doing who?


just another addict said...

Stunning pic of Pete, the Hrley boy.
Bye-bye hacker Vet....finally.

asha said...

Go get 'em! Quacks like that should have their license revoked and, at the very least, be made to pay damages to the client. It's amazing what a letter to the editor can do to a reputation. People remember.

Great photo of Pete. He's a sweetie.