JPG Magazine: MsB

Thursday, December 25, 2008

snow bird

I'm moving to the city of the sun (Phoenix) next week. My work is done here. Onward and upward so it's been said. Baby it's cold up here and my old bones just rebel. Friday I go down and check all my resources/recourses. Wish me well. I will miss the poetry man,:+( but whats an hour and a half. And it's better than dope.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

life everlasting

Dust in the wind

Children of faith
Principled in spite
Of the apparent chaos
My house is your house
They say with conviction
In the turbulent world
of evolution
when that dream is
that kiss that melted my heart
Like lampwax
Won’t even become
Dust in the wind

Friday, December 05, 2008

swing low, sweet chariot

On my way back from Big Sur my brakes went out. I found out my Uncle had died and the wake would be held two days after I reunited with home. My friend rented me a car and back to CA I went to do the family thing (think eggshells). Got home and had the brakes fixed. Went to work that night. I decided to move into Sedona to a sweet little place on the river. I have a three week house sitting job starting tonight. A lump has appeared in my wrist - it's called a ganglion cyst. I dreamed I was stuck in sap and some day I would be found immortalized like a bug in amber.