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Monday, February 16, 2009

got the job

2 days a week $10.50 an hour. cool! Thanks every one for the vote of confidence. This picture is the front of the condos next door where I live. They were looking for a noisy bungler but never found him. He hasn't been to my place yet but if he managed to get in he would probably be to mystified by how I got everything in here let alone how he might get it out.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

I'm afraid to talk about it

I might have a job to go to every week-end. I did the face to face interview yesterday.. after staying up almost all night stressing out. It's a job selling makeup. My makeup has become old. The black clothes I was to wear for the interview are all covered in spots.. the remnants of the job of yesteryear. Bleach, haircolor, lunch... And one pair of black shoes. High heals. They always put me in a good mood after wearing them for about 10 minutes. But geez a potential job in a few weeks.

So then thinks I, (I should never think), I have a little extra money and there is a Kolls and a cheap shoes place and I have my calculator. so I have some cheap cute black clothes. and an overdrawn checking account. I cant even seem to work the calculator how am I gonna work a job, so another sleepless night goes by. And its raining.

I really do need to get over to my friends and unload the boxes of stuff that I brought back form Cottonwood. So When I go up next week there will be room for more. Won't have to pay the locker rent when its all stacked at my g-friends.   I really hate being broke. This could be a trashy novel day. the rain and my comfortable bed.

I have an interview up next week. And lots of resumes out. I know I know. It's the times.Any body need a haircut?