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Wednesday, July 11, 2007


As July starts to double digit I realize I haven't factored in some bills; the comes do every six months or once a year bills. I freeze. Dead in my tracks. I have forgotten and I now live on the pittance of Social Security. Security? Not in this day and age. Not in my pocketbook. No longer am I bringing down 2 large a month and ends would always meet. I am heading to the big crack in my fiscal reality.

"I have forgotten " I tell it to the garnisher of my wage. They impart a feeling of needles under my nails or other torture du jour in the bag of tricks. We have our ways. A chill runs down my spine and back up again. I wring my hands and stifle a tear. What to do --- What to do.

One thing I am certain of is it will all work out. It always does and always will if I don't do anything really dumb. When I stop being overwhelmed and step out of combat mode the answer will come. For instance, I have over 600 CD's and an almost empty ipod. at a dollar a cd that's the hot tuna this month. or something similar, along those lines. Just trust god and clean house.


just another addict said...

OMG, I used to RUN, RUN from anything money. I have had TONS of financial probs over the years because I wouldn't even open my bills.
I didn't even believe in G-d at that time and everything worked out. In fact, I am more financially set than ever in my lifetime -- truly blessed.
Imagine what can happen when you DO believe in G-d! And I know you do, B.
Keep me informed of how things are going, k?

Meg Moran said...

yah, I hated the mail....

But I dropped in to say Happy birthday, not talk about that. I am so glad you are one our blogger community, and even happier to think that you are walking this path in spite of adversity because, well, because you can! what an amazing woman...much affection!!!!

asha said...

Living below your means. It's a great concept whatever your income. There are lots of sites devoted to sharing information about it. After all. What's really important? Good luck.