JPG Magazine: MsB

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Going to the Dr.

The road ahead has few signposts and many choices. There has been some that have traveled it before me. Some have lived and some have died. All have left their mark on my heart. Most were strong in conviction and determined to make the best of the situation. I hope to join Champions of life as I do my best to make do with what I have, always knowing it is way more then I deserve.
I have partners to buoy me up when it gets rocky; my medical team, my family, my boyfriend, my friends. All but my medical are new to this and they certainly have trepidations about all this. I have been where they are now and can sympathize. Sometimes I set my expectations to high for them as well as myself and then the world seems to implode around me. I search for that power greater than myself to latch onto and know all will be exactly the way it is supposed to be and that I can accept.
I’ll let Pete the dog be my guide and watch the road up ahead. He’s good at that and it’s his job. Always vigilant and aware. Not much gets by him that sweet little Pete.
I go to the liver Dr. tomorrow and maybe I will find out if I will get on the transplant list. Tuesday I go to court about Pete.