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the beach

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Friday, August 24, 2007


My computer on cobwebs!

I do believe my computer has lost its mind. The virus scan has been running for hours, and seems to affect the processor speed. I tryed to print a publisher file I printed yesterday-no problem-today it will only print half and tell me the printer is failing to print. It jumps to different web pages and my finger is not even on the mouse. I could go on and on.

I know a reboot is in order but its still scanning for viruses. If I stop it now it will want to start all over after the reboot. some days ...... well I just won't go into it. The good news it the BF is a proficient electrician. At least he was able to swap out the funky electrical box yesterday so I now have moist cool air dancing thru my house.

so what more could I ask for. :+)

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Last night, when I was having a Cindy Sherman moment, it was cool and breathable. No forced cool swamp cooler air, just an Arizona night... cool and dry. No Sweat

Now, Hot...10am and ninety degrees... no swamp cooler to breath moist but cool air. Just dry parched Arizona day air. Cooler guy says call an electrician. OOOOOkkkkky.

So I will look at this picture and visualize that nice cool Arizona evening and think about going to San Juan Capistrano Sunday for beach weather.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Summer (link to artsy essay)

Good bye big sunshine
your golden leaves wilt drip drop
as hot summer wanes

Sunday, August 19, 2007

big yellow mushroom

The Liver Dr. says its a go on the nose job. Yea, I guess. Good really as I already have the 4th sinus infection of 2007.

I am going to Orange County next Sunday to hang out at the beach. BF has friends there and we have been invited. I'm ready for another vacation.

And mucho photo opps. My dog will have to stay home. The best part of all my pictures I think. Will have to just make do. Well I really have nothing to say it appears. My brain is like a sieve.

Friday, August 17, 2007

lifes a beach

This an AP photo I found.
AP - Thu Aug 16, 6:26 PM ET
A dog sits in the heavy rains from Tropical Storm Erin on San Antonio's south side Thursday, Aug. 16, 2007. Erin's remnants soaked rain-weary Texas, snarling rush-hour traffic and killing at least one person. (AP Photo/San Antonio ) Sure hope he finds his way home.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Nose job

September 10; Right Maxillary Antrostomy ( Endoscopic Sinus Surgery). Big words for such a little thing. Nothing like Liver Transplant. 85% chance of success. good odds compared to the ones wrapped around LT.

An opportunity to put my trust in the hands of the medical world. I've not always had such good luck there. But the ear, nose, and throat person is really the hot tuna. And so is my liver Dr.

Easy, piece of cake. So why am I even ruminating about it. Because thats what I do. About every little thing. .................................

And I get to go see The Liver DR. on Friday. And thats always fun. He really is on of the good guys in the medical field. Even if I never get a new liver my life will have been a been a better place because of him. He has givin me hope. A most precious principle in my world today. I, how loose hope at the drop of a hat.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Junk ola

This really is a junkola day for me. I feel like crap. My bf has crap coming down at his job and transferring it back. It's like his job would be better if,??? If I cleaned the house better, if I kept my room straighter, if I didn't spend so much time on my computer, ect....

So I have all my own crap along with his. If I voice my feelings his words are something to the effect that I'm delusional. We have company coming (his friends) this week-end so I had planned to make the house nice but I really hate to have him demand it of me.

I know its his way of having some kind of control over something. I just wish I didn't feel so bad all the time. I wish I could work at a job. But wish in one hand an d shit in the other and see which on fills up first. Yikes!

I think its going around. Everyone I've talked to is in a funk. Mars in retrograde? I know that it will pass. But first I might have to have a fit. Not like I used to. Nothing well get broken. No verbal assassination I can't dig out of.

I don't have the energy. I try to remember to put others first. That helps. Like I'm on a mission to be more Buddha centered. or what ever that may be called. I owe it to myself. But right now its just so much easier to sit. I have a dog park meeting tonight. The BF will have to have cold dinner. I feel guilty. Not that I am but I FEEL that way. feelings aren't reality. They are just feelings. I'm sure my bf will validate my feeling bad because he will eat the cold dinner.

Well thats enough junkola for now. I will clean to the best of my ability and whine alot. Maybe I'll call two dogs. I love to talk to her. A little sugar with the medicine.

Monday, August 13, 2007


Sunday, August 12, 2007

Fantasy Football

So... who knows about fantasy football? I own a team--The Maarz Chows. And next week is draft week. Who do I pick? I used to know football but its been years. Like before the the Rams left La La Land. Fran Tarkenton passed for Minnesota. George Blanda was young well then again, when was he ever young??? Joe Namath was life size on my sisters door(oooo scary).

Help... who are these young boys out there running around? Whos hot? Who are the true boys of fall? Winter? Spring? and half of summer? The season is so long now. Baseball and football run together. Well the times they are a changen' And so goes it.

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getten' po' litical

I look at the pictures of the bridge collapse in Minnesota and I get chills. My sister lives there and for years she crossed that bridge several times a day. She moved last year and no longer a regular user of that part of the freeway.

On 9/11 she was in NYC doing a final presentation for the company she worked for. They had bribed her into doing it by paying for her husband and two children to go with. She was moving on to a new job after that. It took her 10 days to get home because she was to terrified to fly with her children.

We invaded Iraq based on misinformation. We continue to fight a war that very few people support with no hope of any positive outcome. We are in a country that has been fighting the same religious squabble for centuries. And they all hate this country more than ever. The people we claim ran the planes into the twin towers aren't even in that country.

I only mention the two events in that (other then my sisters proximity to both) I see the beginning of a money drain on our economy and a glaring deficit of where funds are reaped from, repairs to this countries infrastructure. We could all name many other deficiencies ... I'm sure.

It doesn't take a genius to put this 2+2 together. When are we going to get our people in office to wake up and smell the coffee? The pots on and nobodies home? Maybe we have the wrong people in office? How much worse does it have to get? How many more bridges must fall. How many more of our youth must be injured and come home to third rate medicine? Or to tombstones.

I'm not a political aficionado nor an expert on much of anything but I surely am sick and tired of waking up to the contempt our government seems to have for the wishes of their constituents. Not to mention how evasive of the law the Bush administration has become.