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Friday, July 20, 2007

Dogs, blogs and Margaret Mead

As my mind jousts with the issues of right and wrong, and somehow it seems that I have latched on to a justifiable anger, I remember anger justified does not belong in my life. I couldn't bare to post a picture of a battle torn dog earlier although it would have been much more sensational. Instead I opted for a rather benign picture of Michael Vick and an apparently yet undefiled dog.

The allegations sicken me. I am fast to draw conclusions. And I know the law states "innocent until proven guilty". And I also know where there's smoke there's usually fire. And the only reason that I didn't post a more anger provoking picture is I could not bear to open my blog and even once and see something that appalling to me.

But I do think things should stop for awhile for Mr. Vick until things get sorted out. Nike isn't going to take any chances. Not that I have any warm and fuzzies for the big Corporate N. I just can't abide in the thought that Michael Vick could be squirreling away all those doubloon's for the rainy day when he may be convicted of the heinous crimes he is facing.

I could pontificate about the responsibilities of athletes and the institutions they represent but frankly I really only care about the dogs. My heart does not bleed for misguided youth, stupid actions of the rich and the famous, or the poor and downtrodden for that matter. I may have opinions but as of yet I don't feel compelled to to voice many of them.

But I also know as badly as this young man may have behaved he is not the apex of evil. He probably was a really nice kid at times and a brat at other times. And as an adult he is really a product of his environment. Maybe some of his genetic makeup has to do with it. I don't know.

I do know that I must respect all sentient beings, the four legged ones as well as the two legged ones. No matter what. Karma will even all things. But, I do feel justified in giving voice to the voiceless, such as animals. I may not have a very big voice and anger only sours my soul. But on my blog my very small voice may carry a bit further dear readers. Thank you so much.

I this I know for a fact. As the matters of Pete the dog go, for the ongoing saga, in one of my very first posts way back when, a person found it who has a business in Tucson that was profoundly affected by the ineptness of Scott Brucchieri. This gave me some comfort to know I was not alone. Dr. B has finally had his licence to practice Veterinary Medicine revoked. But he still owns Canyon Pet Clinic in Flagstaff, Arizona, and his wife Dr. Liz Brucchieri works there and is still in the business of butchering animals.

I know this because I was contacted again due to a posting on my blog about another horror story. This time, at the hands of Dr. L, a dog died during a routine teeth cleaning. And worse yet, the office with out written consent cremated the dead pet against the wishes of the pet owner. Again, another horror story. And again all I have is my small voice.

And it reminds me of the quote of someone else I found on another blog of one small voice:

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. " Margaret Mead (1901-1978


kimy said...

I am happy to read that finally there is attention being given to this alarming issue of the rise in dog fights. thanks for contributing to the outcry!

Pam said...

I have been following your saga of the Vet. I was happy to read today that he lost his license, but still has a hand in the clinic. I enjoy your blog.

someone said...

as the happy owner of a pit bull, it makes me sick to think of these happy little dogs being humanized.

kimy said...

right on grandpuppy is a pit bull and I attest that their nature is to be sweet and loving dogs...why do humans always fvck things up!?

twodogsblogging said...

What appalled me just today was seeing some women who refused to be identified on video but wanted to defend the "legitimate sport" of dog fighting. I am still sickened by this all. Will people never cease to believe the world revolves only around them and their foolish desires?

Anonymous said...

Yes ...the bad Dr's Scott and Liz Bruchieri. Scott does have his hands in Canyon Animal Hospital in Flagstaff, AZ. My experience with them was a NIGHTMARE!! I also heard from another Vet here in town to be aware that just because Scotts license was revoked, he could still assist in surgerys as a tech, LEGALLY!!I am filing a complaint against Both Scott and his wife Liz, the Hospital the Office Manager Joe.
these people should NEVER be allowed to touch another animal!!!