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Friday, January 26, 2007

The ongoig saga of Pete the dog

Well the time has come to take Dr. Scott Brucchieri to court on the botched neuter he did on Pete. It almost Petey's demise and cost me over $900.00 to save him. For all the details on that read my post on April 26, 2006. A person contacted me from a spay neuter clinic in Tucson and said he reeked enough havoc in her clinic the State Board of Veterinary Medicine saw fit to fine him $500.00. They only fined him $500.00 for the improprieties in the handling of Pete.

Its fine with me that that state is able to make money on cases like this. With out the ability to oversee the quality of our Veternary Medicine I'm sure cases like this would be rampent. But none of that money comes back to the pet owner. So I have to pursue a case on my behalf in civil court. That ought to be an interesting experiance that I'm really not looking forward to.

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Linda said...

I wish you MUCH LUCK in your pursuit to get this guy in his place. Our Pets are our family. The AMA wouldnt let them treat our children this way so why should they let him treat our pets this way?? I Love you and Miss You much..