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Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I'm just so mad tonight. Up until now I have been in shock. He said, "I make enough money for both of us. Quit your job. get well." I said are you sure? It's a big job to take care of a sick person. I bought him a book written by a friend who went though the same thing. I don't think he read it because he is so smart.

Thursday he assured me again I could stay for ever and Sunday he got mad while I was fussing over taking my shot. I didn't answer he's phone. He finally did and it was the repair man to confirm a next day appointment. He informed me of this as though had he not answered the phone all hell would have broken loose. I asked him, " Should I have dropped everything put on some cloths and answer the phone for him?

In a short time, after I cleaned up from the shot, I went out and apologized for being so short with him. He said you have 90 days to get out.

So I am selling stuff. I'll get out soon. I hate him right now. I know I'll get over it. But not now. Hate is motivating. I will become the king kong of hate.


Don said...

I always thought as we got older our roller coasters sort of leveled out. But they don't, the ride just gets bumpier, and we end up with people whose roller coasters are also bumpy and not leveled out, and their ups and downs don't go at all with our ups and downs, and weird shit like "stay for ever" plus "get out" equals another day watching everything shake itself apart.

I dunno. Best wishes, I guess.

Tab said...

That has got to hurt MSB.Hate as much as you feel you need to right're can be a good movitator.Try to exhale though..your body stores that negativity - and it doesn't sound like you would want that.
Sending you some serenity on a paper airplane..with a cupcake.

Tab said...

OMG..I just found your virtual kitty..oh hehehehe I want one too!!!

Tab said... even purrss n stuff XO

twodogsblogging said...

Barb: Call me! 2 dogs

asha said...

Wow. That's really rotten.