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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The crap factory; isn't that the 1st Chakra

No trailer, no trash, Maybe shopping cart lady. I'm not quit ready for bag lady. Actually, I haven't a clue where I'm going. I was going to Oregon this morning. Then Minnesota this after noon. But It might have to be Phoenix. My Phsyco Worker, I mean Social Worker said, no boyfriend no liver. I hate social workers. I think I heard that somewhere before. I thought they were supposed to help. All I want is a cold water walk-up. Yeah would have thought I asked for a mansion in the hills.

But I called my Dr and Mr. Nasty is wrong. It has to go before a vote. And I called my sister (my other caretaker) She'll straighten them out. Boy, I'm going down fast. At least my brain is. My liver is hang'n tough. I really want to go to Oregon and live on the coast for awhile. My Sister says clear up some of my credit card dept first. What a good sister. Very smart. That's what I have been doing until the monkey wench decided to go lefty tighty, instead of lefty loosey.

The BF changed his mind and said "Oh don't move" ???? So he probably wants to wait till I can't walk for the next get out in 90 days. Oh then it will be 30 days.

This is soo hysterical. This all started cause I was giving my self an icky poo medicine shot and I didn't jump right up and answer HIS phone. There must be something wrong with me. Oh ya, that's right, there is.

So nothing has really changed. Accept my Dad who broke his leg last week likes me again and I'm laughing about the insanity of it all. I'm going to have to rename this blog the crisis factor or the cracker factory or something. The First Chakra just doesn't do it.


asha said...

Well, glad you don't have to move. What a roller coaster!

Regarding a change of names, I can see that. You are already swamped with first chakra issues in the daily grind (challenges to one's sense of security and general well-being). A title that focuses on your photography, art, love of animals and adventurous spirit would be a refreshing new direction. In any case, don't let the assholes get ya' down. ;-

Tab said...

Ha!I have actually read a paperback called the Cracker Factory about dysfunctional families.
Well..if you still have a roof over your head and the BF is not mistreating you , maybe it is a good time to reflect,sift and sort and think about plan B ?
I don't know what resources are available to you but I hope you have covered them all - you know..incase you are in the shower the next time your BF's cell phone rings.
Hope all works out for you on that MSB!I will keep reading your blog becasue I love crackers :P

Tab said...

PS.I tried to add the Widget thing so I could get a cat now I cannot find it or the damn cat! lol

Anonymous said...

So now what???????

msb said...


Go to the get wigit and copy the blogger html. then go to customize on the blogger tool bar. You should find a add page element. Make sure it's at the top of the list. (you can move it later) clik look for the HTML/java add to blog. clik. paste what you copied inthe box and hit every save the is. Theres three saves I think. If you don't hit every save it will not save. Dumb but true. ;+}