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Monday, February 04, 2008


Friday, I had a croissant for lunch. Who would think a croissant would hurt. But, youuuwww.. it did. and my face swelled up where the saliva gland is. Called my Doctor...gone for the week-end and so to urgent care. All these coughing, sick people blowing their germs about.. there was a note saying they should where masks if the where coughing, but no one was wearing a mask. They where blowing there nose in the masks. Ick. and I literately have no immune system because of the interferon. There was big piles of dirt on the floor.. from shoes.. and all the office stafff was just siting around laughing and telling jokes.

So I asked if I could wait in the car and would they please call me when my turn had come. The girl said," well where are you going to be?"

I, "In the parking lot".

An hour later, I noticed lots of sick people gone, and new ones there. Guess I missed my call.
Then I got the information taker. much do you weigh, how old, and all my medical history. Then they put me in another room, I can hear everything and wait another hour. I am crying now, because this thing has doubled in size and really hurts.

Finally, the doctor. Every time I tell her something she all ready knows. Says she has been an emergency doctor for 20 years. With her long wrap around dress (I think it's supposed to be India, Indian, but more like ratty hippy) and her long grey , greasy hair in a pony. She told me to take 4 motrin at a time and suck lemon drops.

But Motion makes my gut hurt and lemon drops, not on your life without pain pills. No pain pills for me, after all , shes been a emergency room Doctor for twenty years and knows a drug seeker when she sees on.

I go home and try her method out. I figure if shes been an emergency room doctor for twenty years she must know something. But, as figured, all I ended up with was a stomach ache and my side my face looked like I had mumps. I put heat on it that might, like that experienced Doctor recommended. And got no sleep. In the morning I was in bad shape.

I called my liver Doctor in Phoenix and they said go to the emergency room fast. Seems like I have a plugged saliva duck and an infection. And now all my joints ache to boot. The Doctors in this emergency room have all my medical records about how bad my Hep-C is ( make a point of keeping them both informed) and they gave me antibiotics and said the pain meds would make it heal faster, not to mention more tolerable.

Today the swelling is gone but the joints still ache. I've stopped taking the pain pills because they don't work on whatever is wrong with my joints. Maybe I'll call that Doc with twenty years experience and see what she has too say.*X^%$_+. Actually, if I'm still as messed up by Wednesday I'll call my primary doctor because I'm do for blood work on Thursday.

This being sick is for the birds. I've never been sick in my life, now its just one thing after another. Very disheartening. I guess compassion is the word I am learning. Not just for all the sick people in the world today, but for all the ones that don't have a clue about being sick.


thejunkyswife said...

I'm sorry, Ms B. If you want me to find that Urgent Care doctor and beat her for you, just let me know.

kimy said...

oh sweet thing...sending lots of light and healing energy your way.

being sick sucks... not even for the birds.

My Other Blog said...

I haven't been an ER dr. for 20 years, but I could tell from the first paragraph it was a saliva gland infection or blockage, because I've had them. My PCP knows enough about these things that he puts me on antibiotics as soon as they pop up. This sari/hippy lady is a quack!! You should report her to someone at the hospital!

Anonymous said...

Girl! I hear you! You know I can totally relate to the "one thing after another" with being sick thing and I totally feel you -- it IS very disheartening. And there are no real solutions to it when one is faced with severe illness except to take each day as it comes and be grateful for the ones that are less painful than the others. From what I can see and read, you do very well with that part.
I wished I lived by you. We could hang out and either be sick or well together -- watch the dogs; play with cats; take pictures; and nap.
I'm with you in spirit on a daily basis. Love to you, Ms. B!

jb said...

A simple everyday item triggered this off... this week pixie bought me a box of crossants... I love them.... and to have to jump through hoops to get some medical help and come out the other end talking of compassion.... did it hurt when you fell from heaven....?

Marc said...

Do go back and let that ER Doc know what the deal was...You can perfectly well do it in a spirit of service. She might just think about that the next time and you could save someone else a lot of trouble.
The bottom 20% of Medical School graduating classes have to work somewhere.
Meanwhile, a cat-loving friend of mine was TICKLED by the Haikus!
Hope you feel better.

asha said...

Everything hurt my mouth when I did interferon. I lived on soggy french toast smothered with butter and powdered sugar. And of course, ice cream. Most people lose weight when they do interferon. I managed to gain seven pounds.

Hang in there. This too shall pass. ;)

msb said...

I'm a gummy worms person myself.

Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

MSB! Yuck! Sorry to hear about all the sickness and incompetent doctor drama. Motrin for a big old swollen face? Bleh! Glad you got it treated properly in the end.

Sheria said...

I agree that you would be doing others a service if you inform the emergency room doctor who was so wrong in her diagnosis. Being ill is difficult; being ill and having to deal with professionals who don't know their stuff is hell.

Wishing you better days and competent emergency room personnel.