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Friday, August 03, 2007

getten' po' litical

I look at the pictures of the bridge collapse in Minnesota and I get chills. My sister lives there and for years she crossed that bridge several times a day. She moved last year and no longer a regular user of that part of the freeway.

On 9/11 she was in NYC doing a final presentation for the company she worked for. They had bribed her into doing it by paying for her husband and two children to go with. She was moving on to a new job after that. It took her 10 days to get home because she was to terrified to fly with her children.

We invaded Iraq based on misinformation. We continue to fight a war that very few people support with no hope of any positive outcome. We are in a country that has been fighting the same religious squabble for centuries. And they all hate this country more than ever. The people we claim ran the planes into the twin towers aren't even in that country.

I only mention the two events in that (other then my sisters proximity to both) I see the beginning of a money drain on our economy and a glaring deficit of where funds are reaped from, repairs to this countries infrastructure. We could all name many other deficiencies ... I'm sure.

It doesn't take a genius to put this 2+2 together. When are we going to get our people in office to wake up and smell the coffee? The pots on and nobodies home? Maybe we have the wrong people in office? How much worse does it have to get? How many more bridges must fall. How many more of our youth must be injured and come home to third rate medicine? Or to tombstones.

I'm not a political aficionado nor an expert on much of anything but I surely am sick and tired of waking up to the contempt our government seems to have for the wishes of their constituents. Not to mention how evasive of the law the Bush administration has become.


Christine said...

yes it sure seems they have nothing but contempt for us

but then I look at the $ the democrats are spending on their campaigns and wonder how many children could be fed, clothed and their parents be provided with health insurance with that money

kimy said...

it it truly a tragedy that the us politicos continue to approve spending billions and billions of dollars to invade and rage war in a iraq (and of course a war waged on a series of lies), but fail to address the problems at home such as bridges, housing, jobs, health care, crime, etc. etc.

my question is who is this benefitting. alot of fat cats are getting rich from the iraq quagmire....and our sons and daughters are being sent over to be maimed, injured, killed, etc. for what.

yes christine campaign reform needs to happen but I don't think it's just democrats spending money. there is something fatally flawed with the system! and the two party system we have is very, very problematic.

last word...the bush administration has always believed itself above the law...all one has to do is look how it got into office in 2000!

msb said...

Yes I believe the business of politicking (right or left) needs a major over haul. My question is where we begin. For me taking my head out of the sand has been the first step. Choosing to look for the facts and ascertaining what the question is appears to be my current position. Finding leaders with answers and viable solutions would be the next move. What a big order that is in this day and age of lies, rhetoric, and out of control spending appears to be the norm.