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Friday, August 24, 2007


My computer on cobwebs!

I do believe my computer has lost its mind. The virus scan has been running for hours, and seems to affect the processor speed. I tryed to print a publisher file I printed yesterday-no problem-today it will only print half and tell me the printer is failing to print. It jumps to different web pages and my finger is not even on the mouse. I could go on and on.

I know a reboot is in order but its still scanning for viruses. If I stop it now it will want to start all over after the reboot. some days ...... well I just won't go into it. The good news it the BF is a proficient electrician. At least he was able to swap out the funky electrical box yesterday so I now have moist cool air dancing thru my house.

so what more could I ask for. :+)


Tab said...

how crazy weird is that..I wrote about cobwebs a little today too!

Marc said...

Actually, the good news is that you have a b.f.