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Sunday, August 19, 2007

big yellow mushroom

The Liver Dr. says its a go on the nose job. Yea, I guess. Good really as I already have the 4th sinus infection of 2007.

I am going to Orange County next Sunday to hang out at the beach. BF has friends there and we have been invited. I'm ready for another vacation.

And mucho photo opps. My dog will have to stay home. The best part of all my pictures I think. Will have to just make do. Well I really have nothing to say it appears. My brain is like a sieve.


kimy said...

alright on the all clear! hope the sinus surgery will do the trick! best of luck with that. have fun on vacation...look forward to some armchair travel.

sometimes a sieve is a very handy item to have around!


msb said...

Thanks Kimy for all your great stuff and always remembering to make a comment every now and again. comments are like little gifts from the www santa claus. And its always christmas. Not that I hold X-mas so near and dear but I do love the small tokens of of connection the comments represent.