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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Fantasy Football

So... who knows about fantasy football? I own a team--The Maarz Chows. And next week is draft week. Who do I pick? I used to know football but its been years. Like before the the Rams left La La Land. Fran Tarkenton passed for Minnesota. George Blanda was young well then again, when was he ever young??? Joe Namath was life size on my sisters door(oooo scary).

Help... who are these young boys out there running around? Whos hot? Who are the true boys of fall? Winter? Spring? and half of summer? The season is so long now. Baseball and football run together. Well the times they are a changen' And so goes it.


Nelson Jacinto said...

What type of fantasy football do you play? Online? There are so many... I'm writing a diary about my fantasy draft... You have some interesting blogs...


Nelson Jacinto said...

Let me know how your draft goes... or email me if you're stuck on who to pick... I'll try to assist if I can.


Anonymous said...

Do you want real players from the current rosters?
Scoutie can help you some with this one.
Email me if you want some ideas.

kimy said...

absolutely no clue.... football - a giant black box for me fantasy or otherwise! good luck

msb said...

Thanks for the help and well wishing.