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Friday, October 05, 2007

Lucky Pete

Well what a week it has been. First, for all you Lucky Pete fans, he passed his Delta Dog Certification test. Now I have a vet check to do and pay the $20.00 for the paperwork submission. How about a big round of applause for my little gutter dog. He's movin' up. Soon we will be of service in the local hospital, rest homes, schools, and who knows what else.

Another thing that happened this week is I resigned as secretary on the Dog Park Board. As I get sicker with liver disease the less patience I have for the idiosyncratic behaviors of others. Never was good at sand box 101 anyway. And in a few weeks I will be engaging in round two of interferon/ribavirin treatment. I'm certain that will do much for my sunny personality.

And then theres those dates from the past. Its been 29 years since my 1st ex husband met his demise at the wrong end of a colt 45. I really hadn't thought to much about that in years, but as I was blowing around the www last night I ran across a picture of the exact spot he dropped dead. And almost the exact day.

So, thinks I, can't pass up such a red letter opportunity to write more bad poetry. Hence the last entry. Nothing like living on the fringe of the fringes for awhile to produce fodder for the mind to gobble up and upchuck in rants only exciting to my narcissistic self. Well I think I'll go to Home Depot and cruse the toilet section.


asha said...

Way to go Pete!!! That is so cool. Can't wait to read about the experience you two have. Kisses to Mr. Pete.

Also, good luck on the upcoming treatment. Tuck in and yes, let go of the assholes.

asha said...

Ps. Is that your house? Great rocks! Pete rocks.

msb said...

Thats the rental house. 800 square ft. Tiny.

Polly Jean said...


kimy said...

you go pete (and pete's human!)

sorry to read an anniversary (long buried) came up to bite you in the butt.

sending light your way. xx