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Monday, October 29, 2007

old news: Barbie rides high on the hog

I was out yardsaleing last week,and found poor tossed to the curb "Barbie" in a box of other long forgotten pastiche marked 50 cents. Now how, dear readers, could I pass on a bargain such as that.

"Barbie" was my first real doll. I fact my live away father gave me one for my birthday the first year they hit the market. Much to my mothers chagrin. She voiced her horror over the long distance wires using words my 8 year old ears rarely ever heard. At least popping out of her mouth.

I am certain my father had know idea. Some charming toy sales lady most likely assured him that in 1960 "Barbie" was a must have for every little girls cache of wonderful toys. Boy howdy. I was mesmerized. Couldn't take my eyes off of her. Blond Pony and high heals and ... BOOBS. There was no going back. No more baby toys for me. Move over "Betsy Wetsy" theres a new doll in town.


Anonymous said...

Personally, I was into G.I. Joe. I thought Barbie was for girls -- and I'm not sure I knew I was one. Ha!
I used to surround my sisters Barbie dream house with G.I. Joe and army men and then bomb it. Then she would cry, of course, and chase me around the house trying to hit me. Classic.
Thanks for brnging me down memory lane.

msb said...

My Barbie's used to kick Kens ass for stuff like that. I don't think GI Joe was around, at least not at my all female house. My Barbies were tuff.

Anonymous said...

Barbie bitches! Good thinkin', B!

Marc said...

Is this the collage your referred to my blog? COOL.

I love the typo: "My father had 'know idea'" VERY interesting. Sounds like you were trying to say he in fact, knew exactly what he was doing even if he didn't no--I mean know--it.