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Monday, October 15, 2007

A day to think; Now what?

I think, what do I know about global warming? Clik on the title for some info.


Tab said...

Yes,we each really do need to stop for abit and seriously learn what we can do to help our planet.I have to stay positive..I have three kids..they are depending on us to help preserve not just nature the entire concept of preservation for thier kids too.
Phew..its a big topic I know.
We just do our best for today..
Intentions are better than nothing.
I'm glad you joined in the Blog Action Day MSB :)

kimy said...

no if shrub (aka W) would get with the program! alas, I won't hold my breath

ScOuT said...

hey B:
blog about it and maybe you will feel better.
or email me, k?
i care bout you a LOT!