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Monday, June 25, 2007


I think I'm stimulus overloaded. To much in so few days. I miss my quiet tranquil life. First I had a wonderful visit with Nancy in Phoenix. She looks so good and always is so positive. It really gives me hope about where my life is going and how it might look.

Then I went to Palmdale to visit with a friend and his wife. I've known him since I was 19. We reminisced about old times. The scandalous days of yore. Such a time we had and oh are we ever glad we don't have to live that way anymore.

Then it was off to Santa Barbara to visit with my favorite big sister Barbara. Pete got attacked by her big grey cat. He gives cats a wide birth now. We had so much fun. She used to visit me when I lived in Ashland, Oregon. For the Shakespeare Festival. 25 years of brothers, sisters, dogs,cats, towns, jobs, life in general. No clews yet...:+)

Then the Big Sur. I haven't been back since the fire and the mud slide. Many years have passed but it is never the same. Pete was not impressed with the waves but I loved them. They were VERY cold. It smells so good at the ocean.

Now I'm at my friends house in Ashland. I've known him since 1985. He's one of the few that has stayed in touch. Hes been to visit me twice in AZ. I love his house here. Beautiful view. Well thats all for now. Must go take pictures.


just another addict said...

You and Pete need some rest!
Love to you both,

Lee William said...

I love the ocean in Big Sur ..smells so alive

Scandalous days of yore ..such a time we had ..and oh are we ever glad we don’t have to live that way anymore ..

so beautifully said resonates