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Sunday, June 03, 2007

A little piece of my heart

To see my work clik on My Craft. It will take you to Planet 18. I'm slow and each piece is worked out until it is done. That,for me, is always a mystery, when it's done. Eventually, I will figure out how to use my paypal account from the E-Bay Sessions to fund raise my adventure before the gruelling days of interferon begin. I am going to return to my Gypsy past but with a cyber twist. Hopefully I can incorporate found objects into my pieces as Pete and I vagabond our way around. I need a good adventure and the desire to interact with days and friends of other times is strong. But I need financing. I'm willing to give a piece of myself thru my art objects in exchange for a financial donation.



ScOuT said...

Beautiful work, B. Looks like there is a lot of love in each one.

someone said...

about knowing when you're done: an art teacher told me once that if you're lucky, you have an angel with a hammer sitting on your shoulder and she/he will hit you if you don't stop when you should.

pretty. sweet. thanks for the peek.