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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Do they miss me?

Today is my last day in Ashland for awhile. Don't know if I'll be back. It doesn't matter really as my life exists where ever I am. But there is something so magical about people that have history in my life...the people that bear witness to change. That jerky type of change that is only visible through periods of absence.

Age is the latest change. Something so surprising from my Peter Pan perspective. It will never happen to us. Not that it was ever vocalized but a given at an intrinsic level. Every grey hair and wrinkle startles me. We have a common bond... that date with time. and I always look for the common bond to feel a part of at which I felt apart from for so long.

I love the act of life today. to feel it, taste it, stop it in its tracks with my camera to savor it a second longer. Its beauty, its horror, its meaninglessness or value. Almost one in the same. Perspective, or none. Clicking the picture because that's what a camera does best.

I'll rehash my road trip. Manipulate the photos when they get boring. Give them some other perspective, a new story, an old story... get your take... on my take... on your take....

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