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Thursday, May 03, 2007

long, long ago

Long, long ago, in a city were time never stopped, a young girl wandered the streets of w. hollywood. Her boyfriends mother had givin her the boot, the bumbs rush, asked her to leave, NOW. the boyfriend didn't say boo. His lips never moved as they had been frozen by the reefer stuck in them. To high to inhale and talk or walk or really much of anything.

But this blue shift is about the girl as she hoofs it done Santa Monia to a familar place, the park, were a cheap bottle of wine could be consumed to take the edge off the large amount of go fast that just minutes ago had been swept away in one hearty bang. As the cool brew kerplunked into the pit of her tummy, the girl started making plans for her future. Not like the future when she retired but the future of a girl livinn in the here and now. Like were would she find a place to live as in a few more months the park would be a drag.... Rain, you know.

The sun was beginning to sneak its first rays into the predernatual sky of Los Angelees in the 70's before pullution standards. (God was the sky beautiful.) and a number of places came to mind. maybe on Vine in the place above the Japanese reasurant. Or over on Gower, there was a pool there if they had cleaned it this year. Probably still green with envey of richer pools. Then a tiny wimper from the Camillia bushes jolted the girl out of her slighty woobly thinking to see what was up in the bushes.

Jeez Louise, ITs Mary Ruby passed out again. Probably all those Gorilla biscuits she was inclined to overindulge in. Mary, MARY!!! wake up you can't sleep there. The girl knew what could, would, had, happened to girls that passed out in the park and by god she wasn't gonna let that happen to Mary on her watch. She finally got her vaguely to a standing position, one arm in tight embrace around the girls neck. Tight. The other rigorously flailing about like some preacher at the pulpit.

Slowly they made there way out of the park. The girl polished off the last of the MD2020. couldn't leave that parked behind as the place has lustful eyes for the likes of a half empty bottle of rot gut. Good thing about the go fast or it would be go slow and sleep for the both of them.
Finally they got to the bus bench. And the bus arrived and the bus left. Know room for derilect chicks on his bus. What a *$X)##@ he was. No sense of humour. Whats the world coming to. Jerk!

Eventually one of LA's finest bus drivers saw the two girls plight and said no charge; even gave them a a few kind jesus saves words. Godda love those Christians. And whisked them off to Gower Gulch. When at the apartments du jour, the girl half dragged, half carried, a snoring Mary. Like drunken sailors they made their way to the lobby where the girl propped up Mary Ruby with some of the couch cushions so she wouldn't look so.... fucked up. But the snoring was a dead giveaway. Hence it was no surprise to the girl that the Vacancy sign turned to a no vacancy. At least not for trouble these two seemed to have lurking about them like their shadows.

Yikes thinks the girl, can't save Mary and Myself at the same time. What to do... What to do. A faint mewing leaks from the couch cushions. Something like Warrens something... What? What are you saying Mary. Speak up. Take you where? I was thinking maybe the nearest dumpster for a while. But know. Mary wants to go to Warrens. The other side of town. And will she remember the apartment??? in her condition. or rather the condition she was in the last time she was there? oi vay.

So this brings me to my blog of yesterday. And Warren. And dropping off Mary in a pinch...with very few options. I say that day," what a nice guy" as he took dear Mary in, in her condition, calmed her down as she was squeezing out of her stupor and into the raging wild woman she usually became when the reds wore off. I noticed he had alot of books and filed him away for another day. Now that I could return to my own melodrama at hand. As the go fast was slowing down and the hangover was arriving right on time. The LA sun was high in the sky and burning with such a vengeance and I had become the reciprocator of its wrath.


Noor Azman Othman GBE said...

Hi Barbara. I'm back. Wishing you a happy hAAlf nAAked Thursday.

Meg Moran said...

You are starting to share your story........... a gift for us. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I will second what Meg says. Thank you so much.
I will hang on every word.

msb said...

thank you for the kudos. My story is sprinkled all thru this blog. It needs to be digested in small doses. :+)