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Thursday, May 31, 2007

between the wall and the cactus

I go to the Dr tomorrow. I was supposed to see him 2 weeks ago but he took the day off. His office neglected to call me. I drove 2 hours and found out. So today I decided to be sure he would be there. As I didn't have the Payson # I called Phoenix to get it. The Phoenix people said yes indeed I had a 9am appointment. Funny, I wrote down 9:45. So I called the Payson office whos # I now have and they said 9:45. I wonder what will happen if a liver does arrive and my name comes up? Well I'm really just grateful I've been given the opportunity to go through all this. Geez my live would be sooo boring other wise.;+}

I guess I'm between the wall and a cactus.

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ScOuT said...

It's a good thing you can find the humor buried in all of it.
I'll get pissed off for you, ok? ;-)
Peace and safe travels,