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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Feed back on C-F

I cut this post as it was this morning because I didn't feel like it came from the right place. To all who responded with there wise words of wisdom, thank you. Maybe tomorrow I can come up with something politically charged and stir up some other aspect of my inflated ego. maybe I'll go back to visuals.


ScOuT said...

My first thought is to be pissed off and not want to go to her blog carnival anymore. Then I remember, oh ya, it is her blog and if she doesn't want swearing on it, then so be it. I don't like to hear a lot of swearing form the podium either, so what's the difference??
Still I thought your crap-fuck post was, for sure, a great example of life on life's terms and having the grace of humor and light through it all. And i don't give a fuck about swearing in writing ;-)

msb said...

I would never swear at an NA presentation such as H&I or PI/PR. And I wouldn't be so tacky when remarking at another blog... unless it was the thing to do. But when I'm in my own little blog occasionally I have a bit of potty mouth. When I offered up a portion of my blog to someone elses blog I figured everybody would get it. but it certainly has given me a bit to ponder here about comunicating on the WWW and being anonymous and what TMI might mean and whats the protocal, social mores, the take my mind off of poor me's. Shish! Now, I must go and prepare dinner. :+)

Noor Azman Othman GBE said...

I got to polish up my communication skill.

Lee William said...

I’ve often heard it said that even the worst days of recovery are better than the best days of addiction

What was your addiction ..? ..and is it what lead to Hepatitis ..and cirrhosis ..?

You know I frequently blog about my problems with drug laws ..and I still smoke pot ..but I do not advocate drugs ..just free choice my small world, more friends have been hurt by the legal system than by drugs ..I read your blog with empathy for your suffering ..and humor ..and resilience ..power on raggae woman ..!