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Sunday, May 25, 2008


I just got back from the Valley of the Sun and will I was there, my cumputer screens bottom 1/3 decided it was no longer apart of the screen team. It secesseded Friday night in my motel room just as I was trying to hook into the high speed. OOOOOOOOO I'm home now on the BF's sons 12" laptop. It's really sweet. Guess I can hook mine up to my 38 inch HDTV up on the wall. Not very portable but at least I can look at my shit in the my documents file.

I'm bummed to say the least. my live really is hooked into my cumputer. All my photoshop stuff and the pictures. Just got a free trial to corel painter. Thats so FUN. Might alll look good on the 38 inch screen. When I get the energy to hook it up. Hope I still have a cable. Had a little house cleaning day last week and thru alot of stuff away. Less to pack when I figure out how to move.

It rained the whole time I was in Phoenix. Thought I might have took a wrong turn and had ended up in Oregon. I trying writing (to entertain myself) but I can't think so well without a keyboard at my fingertips. my hand writing sucks. I can't spell either. So annoying.

But I have lot's of beads. Need to get ready for the farmers market in July. Have one commissioned to do in the next week. And I was going to put them on the web again. We'll see.


Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

Ugh! I hate computer problems. Hope you are running to your satisfaction again soon (or you get to keep the laptop). ;)

Shadow said...

whine away, that's okay too... me too cannot write without a keyboard. and when i do, i end up not being able to read it. lot of good that is then...

asha said...


If it's any consolation, it was crummy here too, all the way up to Montana.

Glad you got a new monitor. Computers ... I love 'em and hate 'em.