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Friday, May 23, 2008

Never a spare moment in the daily battle of Armageddon


I saw the sign

Yard sale, all must go

Including me it turned out

being uncommitted to time

and in the spending way

And then I saw

my heart skipped a beat

in a box of other forgotten pastiche

cheap at 50 cents

poor tossed to the curb "Barbie"

in a hell of a fix

She looked like the end of the bender

in her torn see-though lingerie

hair a disheveled disaster

So how, dear friends,

could I pass up Barbie in that box

of nuts and bolts

after all she had done for me

in the angst of childhood

crooning over my flat chest

she told me someday, these would be yours

Barbie Boobs, thank god thought I.

So I gave the guy two quarters

and quickly left the scene for home

gave her a spa day in the sink

mended her tattered undees

and stitched her a chenille bathrobe

She can be house mouse Barbie for awhile

In the potted plant

Cinderella among roses

Move over Betsy Wetsy,

there’s a new doll in town


Marc said...

Love this poem. Sending it to my sister.

Marc said...

Did you write this?

mary blackchurch said...

Bravo! On behalf of all the once angst ridden, flat chested girl-teens, I thank you for delivering the fair Lady Barbie from a life of obscurity & dirt.

msb said...

yep, it's mine.

Shadow said...

how sweet!