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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

No where to go but up

A friend gave me an old (not to old) CRT monitor. works great. I can lift it, that was the main criteria. Need a different cable to hook up my HDTV to the affair. And I need to pluck it off the wall where it hangs about six inches from the ceiling.

And wouldn't ya know, now the laptop monitor is working again. If you squeeze it about two inches in from the left and two inches up from the bottom it works but, can you imagine how much fun it is to type with one hand on the keyboard and the other FIRMLY attached to the screen. HMM I think it needs a bit of glue inside. or alot of glue. I'll call Dell with all my wisdom and see what they will charge me.

I can hear them laughing now, in England English with Indian from India overtones. And me with brain fog, unable to spit out three quarters of the words needed to explain the almost indescribable situation.

But I still like the big screen idea the best. Not very portable. glad it didn't sell in the liquidation of my shit that has been occurring lately.

My latest necklace. Silver buffalo and beads, denim lapis beads, and glass beads. sweet.


Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

The necklace is lovely! Hope Dell is able to suggest some good super glue. ;)

Shadow said...

lovely necklace, the blue!

Anybeth said...

Hi there, just stumbled by through Shadow's blog.
what if you used clamps to squeeze the screen so you can type with two hands? just a weird McGuyver-ish suggestion.

Tonya Root said...

Hey! I didn't even know you made jewelry! Cool. I used to make some, too. My aunt and uncle used to own a little jewelry business on the side years ago up in the Four Corners area. Lovely!