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Friday, March 28, 2008


Ok, I'll stop with the boring poetry for a minute. I'm just obsessed with it at the moment. But I change obsessions often. I'm sure another will be barreling down the pike soon. Funny thing that is, changing compulsions. Got to have one or I feel lost and forlorn. Faulty genetic circuitry no doubt.

So Sunday is start day again for interferon. That would be the third start of this round. Virus didn't come back after two weeks off. I feel pretty good right now and hate to start but it's apparent that it helps my liver, and if I could clear for good I might be able to live with the cirrhosis as it stands now. But I didn't clear the virus three years ago so really theres no likelihood I would this time. So then would rely on the liver transplant. Unfortunately the new liver would eventually deteriorate from the hep-c still in my system.

But its been fun the last two weeks anyway. Gotta count the small stuff. And all my obsessions and compulsions to keep me busy. Boredom is bad news for this girly.

OOOO, tomorrow I am going to be in a parade with adoptable retired greyhounds. Sweet dogs after they have been resocialized. After their time at the track, and they are no longer racing, they usually get put down. There are a number of greyhound rescues in this area. Tuscon, AZ has a big track so the groups go down and get some of the dogs on the hit list and help them find families. Cool, don't you think?

And the dog park update is they have the fence up and the plumbing in. Next, grass seed and grow and three cuttings and about May we will be open. I'm still an honorary (ornery) board member. Cool. See my life is just to cool.

Boyfriend and I have decided to work hard to get me well. He isn't really a bad guy. I've been involved with worse, for sure. We just view things differently. But he's really nice to dogs. Thats the BIG plus I have based my staying in relationship with him on. And he's really funny when he's in the mood to be funny. I look at all the work my sister and her husband have had to work out in their relationship and I get humble.

Well that's life for me today. I'm in bed with my laptop, Lucy Blu is curled up on my feet. Pete's on the floor wishing he could climb the ladder to my bed and the rest of the house hold is off doing what ever it is that they do. Next week.... no I don't want to think about next week. Just want to enjoy my moment. Good night. :+) Sweet dreams. #+}


Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

Have fun at the parade MsB. I used to know someone who only adopted rescued greyhounds as pets -- and they were the sweetest dogs.

Shadow said...

i for one don't trust people who don't like animals... greyhounds are beautiful animals. there's this guy in our neighbourhood who walks his 3 every day. and i see him every day. have a good time at the parade, a good thing you are doing with them there!

Dharma Kelleher said...

Sending lots of healing energy from up in Phurnace, AZ. Speaking of organ transplants, I left my kidney in Tucson. That is, I donated it to a gal I met while visiting there. Trust the process!

I am excited to hear about your involvement with the greyhounds. I know a few people who have adopted rescued greyhounds, and they concur. They are the sweetest dogs!

Lucy Blues said...

Because of my connection with the dog park committee I met the greyhound group. Always willing to lend a hand when it comes to animals. They are sweet dogs but my heart will always be in the chow chow corner. Some day I WILL have another black girly chow.