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Saturday, March 15, 2008

A dogs life

These dogs think life is just a romp in the back yard, fighting over pine cones, barking at the UPS guy, and laying in the sun. They go to the dog park when I feel up to it. And they so love all their dog buddy's. These guys are so much like kids in dog suits.

Sometimes they get into arguments over who knows what. Pete bites Lu's lips and Lu sits on Pete. Yesterday, Lu just couldn't shake Pete. I'm surprised he has lips left. And they make this horrible sound. but then it's over and they are back to being best friends again. These guys really have it going on in my opinion. Nothing really shakes them.

Yesterday, a nurse from my liver team called me and said my white count was 0.6. don't go out into crowds this week end and don't take your shot on Sunday. I had plans, now I don't. I'll just sit around and make observations about my pets. Ahhh, the life of Riley.

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Shadow said...

in my next life, i too want to be my pet...

lots of get better wishes!