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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Got to grow up

to know the fact

That rhyme or two

just wont do

The reason isnt hard

A nickel and a dime

wont by any time

Take a quarter or more

just to get four

When did it end?

Must have been last week

we saw the comet go by

Man it was fly

Written on the tail

was, the jokes on you

from the God of infinitem

Only the cosmos have the time

Brother you got a dime?


Sheria said...

Interesting poem, sort of surreal, makes me think of a Dali painting.

msb said...

Thanks for commenting. No on ever comments on my poetry. It's not like I write it for myself and figured if I wrote enough of it long enough the odds of some one commenting....

Thank You, Sheria

Roy said...

But it's just that I don't think I can add anything with my old comment; but, here. :) I liked it.

"Written on the tail

was, 'the jokes on you' ”

I liked that too. Kind of Kurt Vonnegut-esque.

msb said...

haven't read Vonnegut in years. I used to live for his work. I'm sure that little ditty is in the subliminal level of my brain and has manifested into my poem. Nothing is new.

Roy said...

I'm afraid Vonnegut will pop out of me, too. Mark Twain already sort of does on occassion, and, if I'm really on a roll, Tom Wolfe. I wish that happened more often.

Roy said...

Well that sounded awfully egotistical of me. Let's say I wish, hope, don't ever get, that I know of.