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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Thought snipits

Well what do you know. I feel almost normal today. I think, it's hard to remember what that is. I got up early and had waffle and cranberry goat cheese with cinnamon. A splash of green tea. I built a fire in the fire place, emptied the dishwasher, brushed my teeth and then I was tired. I took the tea and curled up with Luci Blu and NPR.

All the news I'll ever need. maybe to much, but Sunday Baroque will fix all that. On the news, they had done an interview with a female interrogator from Guantanamo. Soul searching for her, gutwrenching for me. She found redemption thru acceptance.
Its funny how the mind works, as she spoke of her clients as murderers and rapists. Bet they believe in their own redemption too. As do I. At least something akin to it. At least think I do. And hope for my own sort of epiphany. At least I think I do.

I seem to rap my teeth around every thought I have until my mental jaws hurt. Probably need a hobby. One that doesn't take alot of money or effort, which I have little of either. Luci Blu has the right idea. she eats (loves to eat) has a momentary spurt of catharsis at warp speed and then curls up on the DVR player to nap. Its warm and it vibrates. Her own personal kitty vibrating bed. Silly girl.

My biggest problem with hobbies is I loose interest faster than a, well , fast. yesterday I watched a quilting show so i wanted to do that. I have bags of scraps of cloth I've been collecting for years. I think I just like to collect and live in my head. Just the thought of pulling out my sewing machine has me running for the couch. Did I say run? Ha!


asha said...

Hobbies. I don't know about hobbies.

thejunkyswife said...

What a pretty kitten you've got there. I'm jealous of her.