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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

the Raven

well here I sit, blogging. Lurking. My Writers group has chosen to meet at a very noisy java joint with wifi. I think I am more of a loner writter.The food is good. The company is good. but I can't keep my eyes an ears focused on my book, It isn't as nice as Comma coffee but that might not be a far comparison.

My friend cam over to visit Luci Blu and we found out just how feral she is. Like lightning she disappeared to the deep dark corner on my room. I didn't even know it existed. Like a worm whole. she popped back in about twenty minutes later and now that Noel was gone she was back to being her little sweet self. Goood kitty. She is more tolerant of the the dogs then people.

She goes to the vet tomorrow and I hope they can fix her fart problem. I know, TMI, but...

well back to the great american novel.


asha said...

Hey, you're doing great. Keep it it!

Lee William said...

how inspiring you are ..perhaps coffee bars are good places to test run your material best ideas come from other people.

Regarding Felton 'Henflings Tavern' the bar you were thinking about ..?