JPG Magazine: MsB

Thursday, November 01, 2007


Well I have managed to write 1.980 words. I wrote for 2 hours last night (after midnight) and 4 hours today. I just couldn't stand some of the errors (and there was many) so I spent another hour cleaning it up a bit. My new cat has been a big help. She seems to have a gas (MMM) problem. Or is that TMI?

I think Pete is jealous so I have to spend so quality time with him. A few extra training sessions and maybe a trip to Office Max. He likes doing therapy there while I print up flyer's for the dog park. He had a cou;le of little girls captivated the other day. Pet Pet Pet.


asha said...

Yay! One down! Don't edit! Tell the damn internal editor to take a hike, FOR THE WHOLE MONTH. Really. You'll wear yourself out. Just let it flow. It's all good. Put a clothes pin on your nose if you have to by write and don't look back. Write like the devil is chasing you. Keep moving FORWARD.

msb said...

I'm up to 2824 I think. and it is really crap. Really Crap. did I mention CRAP?