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Friday, November 09, 2007

here I am busy again

I told myself I was going to cut back on all my volunteer work, but it seems like I have a hard time saying no. I just forget I don't have the energy to be the ever ready bunny anymore. My book writing dropped to a trickle. I hope I can catch up.

Luci Blu went to the vet a few days ago to get rid of her farts and what do yo know, she was ready to go into heat. Se turned out to be older than anyone would have guessed. She just a small cat. So she got spayed on the spot Wednesday. She is not supposed to jump and of course the the first thing she did is leap up into my loft bed. So I put her in the big cage I used when Pete was recovering. She is like a little monkey swinging from the top of the cage, knocking over her water, rolling in her clumping kitty litter, spilling her cat food. What a mess. So I have been lifting her in and out of my bed, this means I have to stay in my room and wait for her to decide what she wants to do next.

The big dog park bash is tomorrow and I'm doing the coffee. Get the coffee urns from business I asked to donate the coffee. Borrow hot pots, buy coffee cups and cream and sugar, Get a money box.... Get there at 7:30 am. Tonight I have a presentation to give and won't get home till 10pm. I suppose I'll have to put Luci in the cage so she can do her monkey act will I'm gone.

Some friends have invited us over for dinner after the love your pet thing. Yea. Love somebody else's cooking. And next Sunday We are going to do a motorcycle toy run. I'm going to start interferon treatment this Sunday evening. And I really want to finish the NaNoWriMo. I was depressed for a minute but decided I really was a lucky person to have so many things to do. I'm certain there are many worse scenarios for my life right now and if I focus in on the negative thats just what I'll get. So I readjusted my thinking and things got better.

Like my flyer I made?


asha said...

Don't catch up. Keep up. You can do it. It's just 2 1/2 pages. 30 days. Anyway, glad you're energy is up. Good luck on the treatment. Keep us up on how it goes. Oh, and that dog party sounds fun. Have a blast.

Anonymous said...

I C Pete!

asha said...

Ps. Love your flyer.