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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Visiter

don't eat the yellow snow

Travelin down that vast

My dear friend and ever faithful dog moved on to her next adventure. Hopfully there are many bunnies to chase, cats to annoy and dog biscuits to savor. We just spent a few nights in Phoenix at the Embassy Suites. One of her favorite haunts as they let her hang out in the bar for happy hour. Also those midnight potty runs on the golf course next door. Many, many bunnies and even a passed out drunk guy to startle with a cursory woff or two.
Oh boy am I gonna miss her. She was thirteen and spent all but the first six weeks of her life with me. I can't really write the deal of the tragedy. At least not now. I'm working on banning the what ifs from my brain. The other two dogs seem quietly attentive, little nose kisses on thighs. Kev is a rock and dispenser of flowers but really only time will level out the bumps.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to learn you lost Girlfriend ; 1
and glad to have known her
a little What a sweetie and a lot of love to miss
Donna @ Hilton

msb said...

I was just thinking of her today and just how faithful she was to me.