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Friday, April 21, 2006

Life is just one foot in front of the other. Or one event after another. I heard the other day something about doing the next right thing. But right to who? Rules? Joe Arpaio? My mother? My father. They used to fight ALOT over the next right thing. Gods right thing? So whats the next right thing; Suni or Shite. Does George Bush have the answer?

Now those are BIG things and for the most part I don't have much say so in. The first big question of the day is...... To get out of bed or not to. I've tryed the not getting out of bed deal and I just don't like the consequences. Neither do my pets. Now they really have a handle on that next right thing.

They accept their fate like champs. And if the food down the road is better I wouldn't know because they love me unconditionally. Like when I couldn't get out of bed ( number of years ago) My dog Annie just headed down to Safeway and helped herself to a corner of one of bags that was stacked up with the new deliveries. And then home to make sure I knew I still was the leader of the pack.

And at that time suicide was not and option because the cranky cat that lived there too, that couldn't get out of bed either wouldn't have a place to live and she really was incapable of even getting in the open cat food bag to save her life

Eventually the bank of past good Karma came to the resque and my friends through down to me an emotional ladder to climb out of the black whole I had let my self slide into. I followed their instructions and asked no questions. Out of the black whole was a better answer then mine. but the next right thing???

So I think I'll get out of bed tomorrow and go to work. Right or wrong the work choice will have many more rewards then setbacks. The mantra will be one foot in front of the other.

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