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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Just dinner with friends. I don't get out much and when I do its always an adventure. Tonight I wanted to just be ok instead of scared shitless. Polight, introspective, kind and most of all interested instead of interesting. Often I appear so full of my self in order to hide a person who might be dull and boring.
So I resort to stepping out of myself andpretending that I'm looking for clues to the story line of the novel. Sometimes it only works for a while and than Pooof its midnight and wheres that damned slipper. Then I wake up and find out I'm really one of the mean step sisters or worse yet I'm the wicked step mother.
And now I'm the Scream in a Munch oil and all the other pictures eyes are following me around the room. OOOOO wait thats just Pete in his cage. He doesn't move a hair but his eyes everywhere I go his eyes are on me. and ....
Its been fun but like Dorothy, theres no place like home.

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