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Sunday, April 30, 2006


Well the wak job woman next door burned her rental house down while I was over in Skull Valley today. Good thing no one was living there. What a weird trip. Part of our new fence went so we no longer have a dog proof yard. She hasn't even paid Kevin the money she owes him for her half of his building it. Its a good thing Girlfriend was with me because I'm the only one in the world that can catch her. She would be long gone. Scary but what a relief I took her with me. Luther was the one who alerted Kevin, who was sleeping at the time, to the 30 foot flames. The chick was out in her front yard (fire was in the back) watering her lawn. When Kev mentioned the fact her house was burning she says "No shit Sherlock."

I guess all that matters is we still have our house and even the shed that was right next to the fence. It was pretty touch and go for a while. The Fire Department was right on it. Poor Pete was in the cage in the house but the firemen let Kevin back in to get him. I think that dog must have nine lives. Well I did want a kitty but got Pete instead.

Well I think I need to search in my repertoire of personal assets for the little commpassion for the woman next door. Life must really be a drag for her right now. What a mess. It must be insured though. I don't think a person can rent out a house without insurance and it was rented until last week. She had been over there the last few days doing a little repair work.


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