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Saturday, January 31, 2009

just in general

I had a great time visiting with Madame You See at the airport. I find that exiting to talk with some one for periods of time and then have a face to face. I met 2 of my long term BF's that way and met my put up for adoption at birth daughter that way. An adventure in separating the preconceived from the more or less concrete. I've always based my reality way to much in appearance and body language. And certainly that is all important stuff but when I'm not being distracted by it I can really hear what some one is saying. Not to mention all the posturing I am likely to through into the mix.

well enough of that babble of useless dribble. Even more useless appears to be all the job apps and resumes I've papered the town with. a few bites but just not the right bite. I don't think I've been this long without a job in my life. Well there was the year I waited for SSDI to decide I really was sick and poor but I was always doing something around the house, school, Dog park committee and so 4th.

And what about them fierce little red birds. Not so bad for the worst team in the NFL against the 5 time super bowl champs. Make that 6. And Springsteen did my favorite song. Baby, tramps like us, we were born to run. weelll guess that would be enough out of me for now. I really don't have much to say. but maybe someday I will. Just never know what day.


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