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Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor day

I'm ...... unhappy. It's a holiday and I can't get a refill on my thyroid medication. Who would think the Dr would write a prescription for one month. And the health insurance people have denied my sinus surgery. Can't call them either. Tomorrow is the pre-op for the surgery and of course they are on holiday.

All of this kind of thing I have no tolerance for anymore. My threshold for patience is almost nill. I'm trying to remember the days of yore when I had a more cavalier attitude. It is like a dream of some one else's life. Couldn't have been me. So I am putting on my happy face (that's supposed to work) and am trying to be positive.

Actually I really don't care at this point. I've ranted and raved ad infinitum. And what do ya know. I feel better. Or at least I'm not so attached to the outcome. I always try and remember its not whether I live or die (like I have a choice) but how I live. And if I don't get rid of the bile that is eating me up my life will be useless.


someone said...

I'm sorry you're not happy. That cavalier attitude you remember is the attitude of the young and well. I remember it too. Take care of yourself best you can.

msb said...

thanks Judy.

asha said...

B., Good luck. Keeping you in my heart and own kind of prayers. I hope this doesn't sound cavalier but I'm sure you'll do just fine. If it's any comfort, I'm going in to see the dr. about a surgery today myself. Ain't it grand?