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Friday, December 29, 2006

Sister thoughts

My Sister arrived on the jetplane--nary a glitch. Dinner at 16th and Betheny Home-- exquisite.
All the time talk talk talk like it hadn' been ever so long. Hope to get one of her Christmas poems soon!!!!!! I gave her almost the last of the family trinkets... God knows what could happen in the next 4 years. Here kids will like them. I always was fasinated by these , never really understood what all the whoopla was about but boy o boy did I love the whoopla.

Then we did malls, Drs visit, more malls, franchise school of where she works, more food, moreshoping, and then poof she was off in that jetplane. missing her i cry for the years I touted as fun and prerogative that I missed out on so much of relationship with her.

Time is such a trickster I need a few more lifetimes for all the time I missed.

Goodnight little Sister

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Lee William said...

Happy New Year ..!!