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Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Well I'm off to Phoenix to spend a couple of days with my sister who is flying in from Minneapolis. Then Friday its of to the liver Doctor to see if I'm well enough to get on the transplant list. I'm pretty excited to spend time with my sister as we have never done that since we were children. Always with husbands, mothers, kids, boyfriends, etc.

I'm trying to remember money isn't the point. We grew up always wanting more. Seems like I never had enough stuff. I don't know about my sister but my thinking for many years has been based on how much I have.

I'm also giving my sister all the family treasures I have. Not many really because I spent so many years as the black dope fiend relative that would sell anything. It's taken many years to regain the trust off my family even though I never really sold any heirlooms and have been lugging there burden on for years.

and what would a blog of mine be without a pic. let me find one.

I'm finding that there is somthing else, an inside thing that I need to work on. Actually I Had a twinkling of the greater about 21 years ago but the work in prosess is finally stating to solidofiy

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hippychick said...

Please hug a Sugaro cactus for me in AZ. BTW I saw one once in someone's front yard wearing an actual cowboy hat. Uhhhh, okay.

Wishing you love and happiness!