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Monday, May 25, 2009

it's baaaacckk!

My custom Cat name got swiped up by something in Brussels.  That something wanted $ to give it back to me.  GoDaddy (from whom I bought the name from never bothered to inform me that I needed to reup funds a few weeks ago.  But, for a fee they would investigate and see how much Brussels wanted for the return of  Bet you all know what my hardened reply was.

So am I a gold star family?  The name for families that lost some one serving their country?  Does it count that my father came home from two wars having served his county with severe PTSD and no diagnosis?  Lost to his family for at least 45 years in a haze of social discontent?  A stranger to all who knew him and loony tunes to those who didn't?  Or maybe my x-husband in much the same condition as my father?  Lost before life ended?

I don't need a gold star, I don't want a gold star.  And recognizing families that have lost sons, daughters, husbands, wives to the disease of war is not my issue.  But I just want to know, were do we honor the people that came back but didn't really ever come back.

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