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Friday, April 24, 2009

Well now, I'm back to life as it was, guess last week must have been life as it isn't.  My car is mobile once again after a most expensive transmission replacement.  But I have fallen in love with the lite rail.  The sad part is it goes very few places and by the Bank One Ballpark, I mean Chase field is one of those few places.  so if Bank One got bought out by Chase Bank, it could be called the JP Morgan ball field as that's really who owns Chase bank.  

Well who knows were that could go in this teetering economy, and whats in a name anyway.  Banks are changing their names more often then me.  My reasoning is more theater then anything.  Like vanity plates on a car. or a new pair of shoes.   And then I also work at Target (French owned) but actually I am employed by Boots a cosmetic corporation from England.  But whats in a pedigree. 

babbling just wasting time until I get ready for work.  I don't feel like going today.  But onward and upward.  bills to be paid.  :+)


Shadow said...

onward and upward it is!

My Other Blog said...

Target is owned by Boots?
Glad you feel good enuf to work.

msb said...

yep onward ho :+)

Boots(England) leases space from Target(French)in the US. Crazy