JPG Magazine: MsB

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


There they go

you hear them

cruising down the alley

those shady young men

in their custom cars

boom boom boom


bigger than the back seat

baggy low rider pants

pockets full of felonies

waiten’ for a chance

lucky branded, tattooed

black sunglasses

you can almost smell

the south side summer

like a fire burning in their soul

a soul that got kicked to the curb

long before their birth

blue teardrops dripping down

stiletto sharp cheeks


a heart of skin deep ink

on their iron chiseled chest

indelible Guadalupe no protection

for these midnight conquistadors

of unleashed passion

Don’t you see them?

aren’t they beautiful?

like jaguars

phantoms of the night


Shadow said...

oooh, i love this one!

msb said...

thank you shadow.

Roy said...

Wow. Loved this.