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Monday, April 23, 2007


I'm really not sure how I can be unemployed and yet still be so busy. Moving is I suppose the big part of it and putting it all away. My new washing machine just arrived. Good thing cause I now have more laundry then I have laundry. Moving it has made it reproduce in quantum. and another Dr. Science question is how can I move from 800 square to 1400 square and have nowhere to put anything. Does anyone remember Dr. Science on NPR?

My dogs love their new digs...Literally. that Lu Mastive/Rottie. With paws bigger than my hands. Already with the black holes the size that a mastiff can disappear in. My bed from Ikea for me to disappear into came in three box's and one was the wrong thing. So I be sleeping on the floor for awhile. One of midnights ups and downs. The mattress is A-Okey so not all stinks at late night rendezvous in the bedroom.

Well its time to go sign so 401 c3 papers for a nonprofit I'm member of. All for the love of dogs and dog parks. Pictures to follow at 5 I'm certain.....

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