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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Lost Dog finds way home

You read about it in the gossip rags at the check-out in the grocery store novels are written about them but dogs that find their way home always seemed like maybe a little stretch of the truth. I've found lost dogs... mine and others. In fact Pete is a found dog (found by me) that never found the people that lost (abandoned?) him. He was just a little quivering mass of bones, fur and fear facing a close brush with becoming road pizza a few blocks from my house. I brought him home to keep him safe until his people came to claim him. And he's never left. After losing my ever so precious Dog of Dogs it just seemed to make sense that Sweet Pete should stick around.

So you can imagine how I felt yesterday when I lost him while I was at the Tire place and Petes leash got caught in a metal chair and he got freaked out and metal chair and all headed straight for the busiest intersection in the area, a junction of to major highways. He finally slipped his collar and seem to vanish into thin air at Taco Bell.

I searched from 3pm till 9:30pm and was up searching again at 6am. I called the Animal Control, Humaine Society, Police, radio stations and posted flyers. I talked with anyone in the area that would listen, Enlisted the help of my boyfriend, my girlfriend and her boyfriend.....

And he showed up this morning around 8:30 am hungry, tired, and full of burrs. Three miles (or maybe more depending on the route) he showed up at my front door. What a guy.

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