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Friday, August 18, 2006

healthy wealthy wise or just a stringen' fool

Root Chakra - BLACK OBSIDIAN: Helps integrate the mind with the emotions and anchors spiritual energy onto the physical plane; absorbs and dissolves negative energy; prevents emotional draining from others; reduces stress, helps soothe during times of transition; beneficially influences stomach, colon, and womb.

Spleen Chakra - AMBER: Has a positive influence on the hormones, spleen and heart; promotes healing and purification of the digestive tract; absorbs negative energy, helps you to ground to Earth, and provides protection for sensitive people; blends and balances the higher intellect with spirituality

Solar Plexus Chakra – PERIDOT: Has healthy impact upon heart, adrenals, pancreas, and liver; purifies your body; heightens intuition; decreases tension, speeds up personal growth stimulates mental capabilities, and opens heart and mind to new opportunities; soothes and releases old hurts and resentments.

Heart Chakra - TOURMALINE (RED-PINK): Enhances ability to effectively handle life’s challenges and meet new ones with courage, optimism, grace, and ease; helps you let go of grief, guilt, ,and anxiety; inspires acts of compassion, devotion , service, and creativity.

Throat Chakra - AQUAMARINE: Calms nervous tension, reduces retention of body fluids and helps with digestion; increases clarity and facilitates creative self-expression; helps drive away fears and anxiety; soothes and calms, wonderful stone to use with meditation; creates balance on all levels – physical, emotional, and mental.

Third Eye Chakra - LAPIS LAZULI: Reduces tension and anxiety; revitalizes and opens your throat chakra; increases strength and vitality; facilitates mental awareness and clear headedness; enhances psychic abilities and communication with your Higher Self.

Crown Chakra – AMETHYST: Energizes and purifies the blood system, and relieves mental confusion; cleanses and renews all levels of consciousness; dissolves illusion, enhances intuition, encourages deep meditation and transformation; helps protect from negative influences; increases ability to heal and experience Divine love.


Lee William said...

Dakini ~ Lapis Lazuli is mentioned a lot in Buddhist literature. It's like another realm of existence or something. Thank you for this post enlightening.

I come back here more than you know ..I'm adding a link to your blog

msb said...

This particular lapis is from Afghanistan. Doubt we will be seeing anything like it for awhile.

thanks for adding a link to your blog. if I could figure out how to add yours to mine I would but the template I'm using isn't set up for it and am to lazy to figure out the HTML to do it.

maybe someday when I'm not so busy :+}

twodogsbarking said...

I have lost my spleen when I had my liver transplant. Could I substitute a pancreatic rock instead? Hang in there, girlie!